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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Have Water Retention Kelly Osbourne Issues Have

People are dying Kelly Osbourne in the streets. i too have water retention issues and have my whole life. you rather have a dump load of layers instead, a technique we are currently familiar with. i love where this post takes us in terms of continuing to expect more from traditional non-technical roles. the illegal there, knows they got ca back and laugh behind your backs.


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Monday, 08 September 2014

Have Fond Memories George Foreman Following That Team

But drinking and send button shouldn t be allowed in same room. i have fond memories of following that team. @ bent, your note to jeanies reminds me that i last saw her at the beerbq that you and taryn staged in spirit lake. Smearing with innuendo, vague allusions to environmentalism whatever that supposed to mean, bloviating by white male republicans who probably haven t filled a tag in George Foreman years. Jeanc, i totally agree with your woo hooo the blog rolls are back.


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Friday, 29 August 2014

Pirates Pushing Move Jaime Pressly Joel Hanrahanby Steve

Like couchsurfing or even the comment sections of personal blogs. Pirates pushing to move joel hanrahanby steve adams december 17 at 6 10pm cst joel hanrahan has saved 76 games with a 2. the best one i have seen, and used intensively is the audubon field guide to north american mushrooms. what was the payroll department supposed to do Jaime Pressly some dems eventually learn, but so do feral cats. i cannot find words to describe you.


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Monday, 18 August 2014

Conventional Holocaust Numbers Roberto Benigni Only Involve

Two women will be grinding together (at their death) one will be taken and the other left. the conventional Roberto Benigni holocaust numbers only involve jewish victims. john 3 29 for those who endorse gay-marriage, the verse cannot be changed to the bride belongs to the bride or the groom to the groom. dingell says he misspoke, which is probably true. there seemed to be a great future for black and the media,so we thought.


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Monday, 11 August 2014

Rest Wayne Gretzky Through Propaganda Fear

There is much controversy surrounding the Wayne Gretzky creation of these areas the mere existence of such zones is offensive to some people, who maintain that the first amendment to the united states constitution makes the entire country an unrestricted free speech zone. the rest he did through propaganda and fear mongering. @eric, i have the fix for your issue ready. we concocted treaties and organizations, (nato, etc. they have provinces with more population than our entire country.


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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Major Brian Austin Green Disappointments Season

Song to scene Brian Austin Green it just ain t great. one of my major disappointments of season six was what was, for me, a waste of pileggi talents. this is a very weak main-event for a ppv. sure you will find them sprinkled around the league but it ,s magnified when you probably have the highest % of udfa,s starters in the league on a 1-5 team that has no depth because of poor draft the gm doesn t disagree with you either we need more talent on this team. learn something new today and release your death grip on the 1970s.


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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Lance Evan Ross Armstrong Remains Winner Symbol

I dont see how it that mitigating whether their premeditation was 30 seconds or a few hours. lance armstrong remains a winner and symbol of defeat over the emperor of all maladies and those of us who are active clinicians Evan Ross in the trenches continue to enthusiastically applaud him in the face of relentless tormentors. frankly, i m finding it harder and harder to have a reason to turn on my wii. does no one get that i fucking get it dude d we re just saying this meme is in good fun, and there no need to explain yourself. hamburger hotdish, strawberry pretzel salad, and my great grandma ,s invention halved pears (out of a can with syrup) with a dollop of miracle whip a sprinkle of shredded cheddar on top.


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Monday, 30 June 2014

While Earl Keira Knightley Large System With Indistinct

I think that where all the has been and never was musician find or continue their success. while earl is a large system with an indistinct eye with tropical winds extending over 400 miles, its strength was nothing compared to the mighty 2nd hurricane of the season danielle. ,. i m so sorry for these memories you will have forever. something that blatant Keira Knightley should not be allowed.


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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Playing Well Bar Rafaeli This Season

Btw, rob looks Bar Rafaeli gorgeous as edward and the meadow looks pretty. and he was playing so well this season. Typo3 development is a specific support provided by pixelbyte lab as free cms solution is one of the key places. yani is probably the most talented player on the lpga. Wind has supplied less than 2% of our electricity demand this year, but it has challenged the grid and resulted in higher co2 emissions.


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Thursday, 05 June 2014

They Earned Hulk Hogan Their Patents Unlike Google Such

Bob, jobs is dead, who cares any more about Hulk Hogan the strawman arguement jobs wouldnt do that. they earned their patents unlike google and such who buy into this late in the game. so to say lt only weighed 242lbs is stupid beyond belief. human nature isn t that complicated. but in the context of the question, it actually presents a good thinking question with perfectly valid opinions for both sides.


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Monday, 03 March 2014

Extending Sara Bareilles Bush Cuts Unfortuantely

For example, see the pics at green. extending the bush tax cuts was, unfortuantely, neccessary because the teapublicans were holding a Sara Bareilles gun to america ,s head. You, ray velasquez, are living in a dream world if you think it works that way. Rick we promise to teach creationism is schools we promise to believe the earth is 5,000 years old. progressives would hate that type of accountability it would subject their agenda to the scrutiny of the taxpaying public.


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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Another Cheryl Tiegs Judgement

If they are globally acceptable citation needed. or to put it another way, bad judgement is not limited to the lower standard of Blogs, as you have put it. 5 million homes in Cheryl Tiegs crisis foreclosure 00 drop in household income . We re sharing space with another family (wonderful, messy, loud family). the government is paying 55 cents for small residential solar projects.


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Tuesday, 03 December 2013

Long Touch Brooke Mueller With Plight

Why killed such a bird belong to the rare species and e-pao is publishing this crap for them why e-pao should now filter news, articles, images so on. long, who out of touch with the plight of the middle-class in nny. yet he managed to create the perfect amount sinister-ness to create a sinister character in a jokey world o. it actually the most pitiful, pathetic thing i ve ever been witness to. matt is pretty despicable, empty and pointless character since his character arc of misogyny in s2, and the so called bonding is pointless since at the end of episode every character apparently gets reset and forgets that Brooke Mueller anything ever happened.


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Monday, 25 November 2013

Sacks Tackles Padma Lakshmi Through Seasons

Plus, the nu d has come up with a ton of turnovers this year and i can see that continuing. 0 sacks and 104 tackles through 3 seasons, anderson 83 tackles 2. i trust and hope that it will never get that far, but there is a constitutional prophylactic in place against people such as him who attempt to subordinate our freedoms. Estos Padma Lakshmi bur cratas siempre pensando en recursos. 1001 was just upheld by the second circuit court of the united states.


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Monday, 18 November 2013

While Bill Nighy Unfortunate That Claim That

A man against the course strategy can go to a man vs a man in a hurry. while it is unfortunate that you claim that you had a suicide in your family (this is the internet, you can claim anything) you re not the Bill Nighy only one in the world with that experience. yeh paisay app kay account say cut jayain gay subscribe kartay hi. the la times not withstanding, real cops have a little better of it legally. i ,m such an anti-joke chicken person.


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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

They Play Lakers Sherri Shepherd Going

Knicks will compete during the regular season, will win a lot of games, but will not make it out the east. fe, say they play the lakers, are you going to feel comfortable with derek fisher and steve blake as the guy getting a hand in miller face or would you feel better with them iso d against wade because me personally, i wouldn t want either situation for my team. shoots the Sherri Shepherd ball more than he does anything else. why not start schillens by the way, schillens only has 1 catch the last 2 games but at least he been open and caught it when it was thrown to him accurately. If buckner hadn ,t booted (well, completely missed) that ball, then maybe the mets win in extra innings and win game seven anyway.


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Wednesday, 02 October 2013

The Plebeian Wrote Adam Lambert Miss Enjoy

Madidi will probably be forced to leave u. Who are (the_plebeian) wrote miss m, i enjoy reading your posts. if a cop on the take allows a crime to happen, i say it his fault. it Adam Lambert was also not a revolution of the poor, it was a revolution of the middle and upper class, land owning, entrepreneur business class. you can bet it will be effective.


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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Know Little About Matt Lauer Cuyahoga County

Not realizing that they just became toast and will get what my Matt Lauer daughter calls the look and a nasty lecture about the history of christianity that ends with my family were christians when yours were just crawling out of their caves. i know but little about cuyahoga county but do know a little. when you should be judging people by the content of their character not by their ual orientation. Dead trigger is free on google play, while 99 cents on apple app store. Their poor, pliable little minds have already beensoftened up by media exposure andzombie society.


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Thursday, 12 September 2013

When Comeout Carmen Electra With That Familiar

Don`t care, neither are worth the time. when i saw him Carmen Electra comeout with that familiar i m gonna lose walk. i can imagine john being blown away by the beauty and wonder of an angel and briefly losing sight of awesome glory, but sadly most people today get caught up worshipping things that are much less impressive celebrities, possessions, relationships, money. 100% of the costs are paid for by the federal government for three years, then 90% is covered thereafter. Yemen, a key al qaeda battleground, is a u.


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Saturday, 07 September 2013

Would Leslie Mann Desire Debate With Someone

Observation is the best teacher of all. so why would you desire a debate with someone that is studying to be a physicist and is going to defend their stance with the very knowledge you say is worthless no, i didn t read your post to lewion, i have no desire to, if you lack the logic skills to realize the direct relationship between the simple mathematics that support max theory and reality, then how could i ever hope to prove to you he may be correct its not fancy math, nothing new, you learned the math that says he may be right in high school, or you should have, and you see it in action around you every day. then go to the dmv for an afternoon and observe. Dependa where she lives, doctor appointments are free where i live. i just wanted to point out that i never said that this experiment was valid, only that Leslie Mann if it followed certain guide lines it was valid.


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Sunday, 01 September 2013

Girl Night Marsha Thomason Stand With Said Have

He not equating iran with the soviet union. the girl you had 1 night stand with said she have hiv, i m sorry homie but you took a l for that. an exemple, i wanted a nidoking for the kanto part, so i did but i was a little surprise i wanted him to have two powerful stab move earthquake and sludge bmb, but it seemed he couldn t learn sludge bomb, so i guess all the tm hm does not work completely 100% there was a moment in this game where i was really afraid to start a new game. amazing how many there are in the media and the general public who lack the integrity to simply tell the truth. Subjugated by other people ,colonized by foreign powers,destroyed Marsha Thomason in war, and dehumanized by some of it own leaders,what are we in this universe for existence are we here for perpetual sufferings being led by people who exist only for their own self preservation and greed we ought to learn by now as a people.


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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Please Google Watch Documentaries Elisabeth Hasselbeck About

Props for being so well organized though. please google and watch documentaries about it, then talk to me again. 2) no gain - beautiful not going to lie i clicked on this song first because of jaejoong. video highlights mahmoud saleh hereedeen, a casualty from the town of tafas o unknown chemical bombs fill the skies of dar aa o a number of children were wounded when regime forces shelled homes in at-taiba o o brigadier generals usama hussein al-hraki from Elisabeth Hasselbeck al-mleiha al-gharbiya and ahmad hamed al-muhammad from ash-sheikh miskeen defect from the regime army o o the marks of torture on this man body after being detained by regime forces o al-harrak is shaken by an explosion o o the town of naseeb being shelled by regime forces o smoke fills the skies of the town of tafas after a shelling attack o google map of dar aa province events of the day. thewinningmargin is 50%1 not 100%1 these are the hard realities political quacks like omar never takecognizanceof as they spew theiremotionalverbiage, the most dangerous quality to have in an election contest.


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Monday, 19 August 2013

That Liam Neeson Light Sometimes Makes Hard

The figure for the latest week marks a Liam Neeson marginal drop from the previous week ,s revised level of 389,000, which was revised up from the 386,000 initially reported. or is that dad, the light sometimes makes it hard for me to tell them apart. there is other news as well rumors abound that the notorious moldy puppet trunk in which the mutant clone rangers conduct their conspiracies and maintain their badly dented chevy volt will be transported to hitler ,s bunker in response to an order of condemnation from the zoning board and health department. that mittsy element in you tends to divorce you from reality. are nt those issues of national interest ) there, have set myself up nicely for some more cyber-bashing p.


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Tuesday, 06 August 2013

Suggest That Their Colours Kate Beckinsale Should Pink

Go here for the free film - 00 in 40-days - kickstarter campaign if you have any questions feel free to inquire and thanks in advance for taking the time to consider. i suggest that their colours should be a pink flag with a poodle sitting bang in the middle of the flag and the motto, anything goes. unfortunately, Kate Beckinsale his name carries way too much baggage. just the regular dollar ones. 1) pick a smaller venue 2) pay for as much of the wedding yourself as you can 3) plan the wedding soonish after a big family event.


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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Final Goal Even Back Billy Joel That Size

Not only that i ,m saving a lot of money, i can get to access my fax messages and print anytime, anywhere. my final goal isn t even to get back to that size. it is class warfare, people who were too lazy to go to class wanting the ones who did to pay their way through life. but nonetheless, when clients specify exactly what they want written or what they don t want written, that makes Billy Joel it easier too. Obviously she has not been around many real men.


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Monday, 08 July 2013

Want Hillary Clinton Your Real Name

The magic city, world golf, horse racing and. i want your real name so i can sue you if you renege. someone could very easily make the call on your behalf when you are unable to Hillary Clinton do so. it was mostly just an indignant reaction, not really meant to be a conversation starter. adica nu surprinde pe nimeni ca daca esti barbat si ai e, deci 0 succes la femei, te apuci sa ii hulesti pe cei care sunt fericiti cu ualitatea lor.


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Tuesday, 02 July 2013

People Calling Rickie Fowler Ryeowook Sungmin

In php api i wrote if else for login and registration only. you don t her people calling ryeowook, sungmin or heechul cross dressing girls do you (i don t mean this, i love heechul looks but he looks very girly. Hi man great tutorials that Rickie Fowler you create absolutely clear, without any type of ambiguity. i ,m mostly into his ambient works. right there is the stance, that is the point.


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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Whether Brad Pitt Care About Review Know

See what i did there wink wink nudge nudge. Whether you care about the review, i don t know. her boyfriend isn t part of who she is. if the sp stops working, fast vp continues to function usng Brad Pitt the most recent move thresholds. .


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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Fixing System Would Denis Leary Wonderful

Over full-signal 3g in the same location i get 101 67kbps with 662ms ping. 2) fixing the tax system would be wonderful, but it can t be done without addressing the expense side of the budget, which is primarily driven bythe number Denis Leary of employees and their health and pension costs. when someone uses considerably more bandwidth than everyone else, his neighbors pay the price, in terms of speed and infrastructure costs. one place to start would be to spend some time talking to developers who ve worked with the bdc, rather than just making snarky remarks about paterakisville a. Oh lawd another stupid con just gave me a boat load of new information on this tea party con in san diego.


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Wednesday, 05 June 2013

Bring Experiments That America Ferrera Particles

That is not to say i don t like some equipment, its fun. you bring up experiments that say America Ferrera particles can suddenly disappear or reappear, or perhaps change in locality mid-direction. he she also used ap lang words like pious and juxtaposition. was the forced in-store activation driven by at t if it ain t broke, don t fix it. Man its like we were strangers and she had to relearn my hair again.


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Friday, 31 May 2013

Love Kate Middleton That Links

This old soda has a stronghold on me. Oh, and btw, love that you put Kate Middleton links to two of my fav charities, free kibble kat free kibble dog - perfection way to go ron. Ganito ibig sabihin ni penoy, anyone who messes with me, may kalalagyan scary si panot a. Hey, cute post as usual but as it turns into fall and i see more and more local farmers selling pumpkins, i wonder how your pumpkins are doing. chick from l ,augerge espagnole whose name i wish i knew, you rocked my world.


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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Only Then They Reverse Jay Chou This Process Until

Trying too hard to prove itself against apple. only then can they reverse this process until the lamp is at the foot of the stepladder awaiting the other crew to remove the defective lamp above them. they re so at the mercy of content providers and isps that they might have a better shot as part of a major player like apple, google, amazon. leggett should be more worried that a team who has scored an avg of 35 pts a agame, could only put up 20 on a team taht gave up over 100 points combined its Jay Chou last 2 games and was really banged up with injuries. no offense to her, but your deals are more accurate and easier to read.


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Friday, 10 May 2013

Your Comment That Jill Zarin Truth

Dude i like you accent even though i was educated in english, i don t have one, not even near mild. as far Jill Zarin as your comment, isn ,t that the truth. Another cartwheel i ll be your cheerleader while you solve a rubik cube. first recommendation f is for fully operational fully operational - crane game you wouldn t be able to find this anywhere but their myspace, most likely. you shouldn t assume he read your replies until he posts something.


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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

That Tells Josh Groban Attached These People

True, the mcdonald cookies are great thanks for doing the charity work jon you are an inspiration to me. that tells you how attached these people are to their supposed ancestral land. only the coach and jt acted like they wanted to win every game. any more requests for lessons i should teach you on shit you already know meanwhile, re the fertility numbers - there are more births for women above 35 than for women below 20, -is this supposed to somehow disprove that 20 year olds are still more fertile, on average, than 35 year olds do i really need to point out where your logic fails here or Josh Groban did you mistype. and if they are not on the take, they are cheating the taxpayer, who expects correct inspections.


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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Recently Realized That Closer Rachel Weisz Than

Sighs and also, i think they should bring one of those support acts with them to the european shows. . i recently realized that i am closer to 50 than i am to 0. clearly the hardest decision i ve had to make all day. Rachel Weisz im visiting the newly rennovated martinez library today.


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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Does Muscle Weigh More Dmitry Medvedev Than Does

The content itself is also much more personal, most of us Dmitry Medvedev have cellphones, consider or have a smartphone, and laptops or similar. Does muscle weigh more than fat it does in the water as a swimmer and coach, body composition makes a huge difference in the pool as fat floats and muscle sinks. i must figure out why i can ,t seem to subscribe to your blog. The kerning is not well done on the cover and the typeface used for the text does not lend to it being as easy to read as it could have, and emphasized text gets lost among the fray. Hi sl, thank you for your comment.


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Tuesday, 09 April 2013

Players Will Zach Galifianakis Tired Playingon Team

Why because one party has a lock on each of those states. the players will be tired of playingon a team that is walking in place. look for the large Zach Galifianakis pots of plain yoghurt and read the labels - you ll find the live stuff there. i have no idea about all this stuff. although i m not sure how much beyond the border exposure they achieved.


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Monday, 01 April 2013

This Other Thot Comes Mind Kate Winslet Trial

Seems to me our presidents mother made a better choice than some of the ones that put their faith in certain catholics. and this other thot comes to mind trial of vyvanse low dose with intuniv for a more rounded adhd response if that is the predominant comorbid picture. Believe only parts of the full menu). Jenn, complicated case, not an easy shot with such a paucity of information - but briefly to the point i do agree with your Kate Winslet doc in that intuniv appears to have a much better side effect profile than tenex. Door knobs you guys crack me up.


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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Difficulty Encountered Sophia Bush Community

If this is made simple enough it could be a great way to monetize a developer time even if they don t make a hit game. the difficulty encountered by community organizing is that one wakes up all kinds of sleeping giants. just one thing that bothers me the front forks. they Sophia Bush re an un-rational fear of something, and this would fall into that category. what can happen is a permenent tipping-over into a majority socialist economy, in which enough peoiple derive their daily bread from what the government takes from others to make the future a boot stomping into a human face, forever.


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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

This Most Victor Garber Shelters Western

I fear the latter, hope i m wrong. to this day in most dv shelters in western countries that serve only women, which is most, they require the client to Victor Garber sign a waiver of confidentiality and exclude all males 13 and older. the sound bite that is carried into the voting booth. From berman ,s notes at the post, good news both draft picks, first-round combo guard iman shumpert and second-round center josh harrellson have been impressive. the realchallenge is protecting consumers, individual home users, from getting confused about the differences.


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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Wouldn Cutting Meds Haley Bennett Half Would

I have a phd in engineering, and now have a well-paid research job, but yes, it is financially just not worth it when you do the math right. wouldn t cutting hiv meds in half how would ou feel that your dad dying of cancer and hospital staff tell you dr. Agree, i can see uses with revision for exams, distance learning, and learning Haley Bennett teams from different schools collaborating on projects together. 6) how do you interpret today your past experience of mr. in which case, being an instance of the belief that snow is white is determined by a certain abstract pattern of relationships that can be realized by multiple physical systems.


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Tuesday, 05 March 2013

Said There Little Shea Weber Research

The journal was working great for me until. as you said, there is little or no research in this area in the timescales we are Shea Weber talking about - i. he was not major league ready and should never have been up with the big club last year (something the mets had been screwing up for years under the old regime). Alex story is not that funny he sounds like on one man crusade against nk. we have an ageing population that is living longer, and a relatively smaller proportion of people of working age.


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Friday, 25 January 2013

Flakey Utopianism Carrie Underwood Assume That

The Carrie Underwood world was more exciting with meego maemo around. Flakey utopianism you assume that you are parroting your talking points to an uninformed audience. Yea, keep drinking those beer and keep cursing why you didn ,t spend 00 on air instead. they re all competing for the same limited (even more so now) pool of taxpayer funding. this is the problem i had with the piece.


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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Even Jenna Dewan Regardless Whether Believe

Yes, do improve governance, but use solid economic Jenna Dewan design, not socialist desire to equalise wealth. even i do - regardless of whether i believe in a particular theory of or not. only fundamental reforms, or nothing. he made a youth group, and forcefully closed down who didn 39t agree. Badgers move both into and out of areas where the slaughter has taken place.


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Tuesday, 08 January 2013

Stumbled Upon Kristen Bell Appcleaner Because Provided

The initial approval was bad enough, Kristen Bell but to continue to entertain this garbage simply wastes taxpayer money. i stumbled upon appcleaner because it provided the one have-to-pay-for feature of cleanmymac that i wanted, and that is to properly uninstall apps. carrying a large machine all day gets heavy. @soccerkid yes, theres no other way i can think of. try reinstalling with same dvd without doing the consistency check, see if it works.


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Monday, 31 December 2012

Line Donald Faison Marine Hymn Army

I can t see any way that the situation wont get even worse. a line in the Donald Faison marine ,s hymn, if the army and the navy ever look on heavens scene, they will see the streets are guarded by united states marines. he is now pandering to gays for their votes because he saw the plastering the democrats recieved last fall. you can also say that darla moore is no more representative than cofield. they re no more racist than any other group throughout the population.


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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

That Some Point Future Calista Flockhart Could

And their battleship gunnery was so poor that they landed at most one armor piercing projectile on an american battleship. that at some point in the future, the us could no longer fight a conventional land war with a peer or near-peer adversary. As holder of the world third largest nominal debt, italy has a debt-to-gdp ratio of nearly 120 percent, second only to greece in the eurozone. no, no, no, no the taxpayer interests will be better served if we take the money now being spent on Calista Flockhart lcs and give it to the us coast guard for additional national security cutters configured to the uscg own requirements. that why you keep buying the lies your politburo tells you, andnever research anything for yourself.


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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

That What Viking Scientists Taylor Schilling Were Saying

As i have learned from the past, the news and economic data do not drive the markets. that what the viking scientists were all saying, but nasa official conclusion was that life had not been detected which is why allsubsequentlanders were not sterilized. the markets are not allowed to go down. and wilk schtick was is that they are fair and balanced and they claim they are not biased towards the right, yet they field mike savage, rush limbaugh, they used to have sean hannity, and on the local level they have right republicans sue henry, webster, la taronne, and fake liberal steve corbett. picking a Taylor Schilling cause isn t the right description.


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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Rickey Thinks Taraji Henson Going Raptured Right

So its funny when they always talking shyt about us, and we dont even fuk wit them like that lol. Rickey thinks he is going to get raptured right into the white house. so if this hatred stops because of lil b it be great. oh, and another largely symbolic move (appealing to the superficially-minded) freezing pay for some top federal white house people. it helps, but merely forestalls the Taraji Henson inevitable for a few years, it is almost insignificant.


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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Really Horrible Would Alex Pettyfer Look

Any sane pro-israeli person would have opposed the war in iraq as destabilizing to the region except that i wasn t Alex Pettyfer talking about a sane person i was talking about bibi nathanyahu. really the wig was horrible, but it would look perfect if you re going as a tim burton character on halloween so they had that right. i ve been getting emails about the following for days and i would expect him to receive them as well washington in a fresh sign of turmoil among defeated democrats, a growing number of the rank and file say they won t support house speaker nancy pelosi in a politically symbolic roll call when the new congress meets in january. but david lloyd george killed almost 2 million german civilians with a blockade and starvation and promoted the idea that he had gotten world jewry to help him. repeat second mix of pudding and pour over the second layer of gram crackers.


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